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  • Manufacturer: Top Bedding

Naturally attacks and reduces odors, Dust free, and Absorbs four times its weight in liquid.

Straw can be used as a mulch. There is no seed in it which makes it great for planting. Straw can also be used as bedding to keep small animals warm such as Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Ducks, etc.

Great fluffy bedding for horses and other animals! Premium quality pure pine flakes for maximum cushioning and great absorbency. Fresh natural pine scent.

3.25 cubic foot kiln dried pine shavings

Great fluffy bedding for horses and other animals! Premium quality pure pine flakes for maximum cushioning and great absorbency. Fresh natural pine scent.

3.25 cubic foot kiln dried pine shavings

• Stainless Steel Nipple Drinker
• 1/2 Inch Thread
• Adjustable From 1 1/4- 5 Liters Per Min At 50Psi

  • Manufacturer: Rubbermaid

Built tough for superior performance and long-lasting durability in all kinds of weather extremes.

  • Manufacturer: Fortex Industries

Can Be Used In Any Agriculture Or Farm Setting For The Feeding Of A Variety Of Different Animals.

Heavy Duty Construction
• Molded In Plastic Bracket To Fit Snuggly Onto A 2-4 Inch Bracket
• No Tools Necessary For Mounting
• Made In The Usa

Available in 8 quarts and 12 quarts

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

This is the original Little Giant DuraFork bedding fork that is a fixture in stables and barns everywhere. Manufactured from extra-strong 100 percent polycarbonate to provide super strength and flexibility. Designed for long-lasting use around the farm, ranch, and home. Specially designed tines are uniquely angled to provide easy manure pickup with less spilling.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

The best all-around scoop you'll ever use. Enclosed design reduces spillage, and measuring is easy with built-in graduation marks which are perfect for feed, supplements, and seed. The flat bottom allows you to set the scoop down without tipping over, and makes the scoops stackable for storage. Ample 3-quart size, made of heavy-duty polypropylene for long life.

• Welded Wire For A Strong Bond
• Good For Concrete Reinforcement, Yard Fencing, Tree Guard for Trees, Barn and Shed Partitions
• Great For Field Fencing
• Commercial Galvanized Welded Utility Fence
• 2X4 Inch Spacing, 12.5 Gauge Wire

• Used To Construct Systems Of Electric Fences For Grazing Cattle
• Provides The Longest Life Available
• Tensile Strength: 170 Kpsi
• Class 3 Heavy Coat Finish
• Made In The Usa

• Made Of Durable, Pre-Galvanized Steel
• Rodent Proof and Will Not Absorb Odors
• Fits 20 Gallon Can
• Made In The Usa

  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

For indoor and outdoor rat and house mouse control. Features nibble ridges to promote rat and house mouse chewing. Bars break into 2 oz. mini-bars for bait stations. Palatable formulation. Individually wrapped 1 pound bars help to keep product fresh. 

  • Manufacturer: Bonide

Insect Traps with Pheromone Lure, Attracts and captures pantry pests. For kitchens, cupboards, pet food, bird seed...non-toxic and odorless. Lasts for 3 months.

Eco-Friendly and Natural Substance With Several Uses, Such As Pesticide, Household Uses, and More
• Kills Fleas, Bed Bugs, Ants, Roaches, Spiders, and More
• Contains No Additives; Is Non-Toxic and Organic
• Made In The Usa

For The Use In Castration Of Lambs, Calves, Goats, and Other Animals Up To 250 Pounds.

Specially Formulated For Agricultural Use In A Fine and Slightly Coarser Grind
• Omri Listed For Use In Organic Production and Registered For Use As An Anti-Caking Agent
• Benefits Include: Improved Feed Conversion, Reduced Manure Odor
• Has Been Used In Dairy, Beef, Poultry, Equine, Bison, Sheep, Goat, Ratite and Pet Food Diets With Positive Results
• Safe and Does Not Contain Any Anti-Biotics Or Harmful Chemicals
• Ingredients Absorb Mycotoxins

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